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New to Subaru Community 09 XT

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How's it going fellow Subaru enthusiast. So as the subject title states I'm new to the World of Subaru. I'm a new owner of a 2009 Subaru OB XT. Its a 5spd manual and has 115k miles. The car is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition. With that being said I'd like to keep it that way. I want to do mods that would prolong the life of the turbo and engine. Not looking for a track car. Please forgive me if I sound nieve on here but like I said its my first subaru. Can you all share some recommended mods that would help with reliability and performance that wouldn't be an issue with emissions? I live in California.
Read about removing the Banjo bolt and tossing the filter. Things I've read about and possibly interested in is; oil/air separator, cat back exhaust, down pipe, up pipe, intercooler, waste gate, avcs oil line, digital boost solenoid, cold air intake. Which would you recommend doing or not doing and what manufactures for parts? Would like to avoid tuning if I could but if I had to who would you recommend? Want to do maybe a lift to add some beefier tires/rims and suspension...any recommendations?
Thank you
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Welcome to the forum!

California may have changed it since I lived there, but aren't a lot of these pipes going to get spotted on the smog check?

You generally don't want to do any flow/power mods without re-tuning. If the ECU doesn't know what it is working with, it will make poor decisions more often. And it will repeat them with robotic precision until something melts. Hire somebody to tune it and you avoid that outcome, possibly indefinitely. I recommend Ed at XRT. He tunes via remote- you supply a laptop, car interface & internet connection. You record logs and upload them to him, then he sends you a new program for the car and then repeat the process through a few refinements.

The tune you get via this method is precisely set for your car, as-built, as-aged and as-driven. Compare that to the Cobb system: you get a tune which is optimized for the average XT as it was fresh off the showroom floor. It's good, but it can't account for any individual differences between your car and their hypothetical average car. One advantage is self-service. It's an appliance, do it all yourself in the middle of the night on the side of the road if you want.

As always- get your maintenance up-to-date before commencing power mods or tuning. These engines are pretty sensitive to vacuum leaks and they're good at getting them in the four miles of hose in there.
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Come across a good deal on a pair of OEM 2015 STi Mufflers with y pipe. Looks like it would fit on my 09 OB XT. Would it? Is it worth swapping? Will it affect my car? My car isn't tuned and dont know if it needs to be to swap my stock mufflers for the OEM STi ones. Any feedback or recommendations? Like the look of those better and might give it a little rumble.
I'm pretty sure it won't fit directly, but they are good mufflers. You could lop the pipes off and have them welded onto yours without spending too much.

You shouldn't need a tune for a muffler-only swap. The flow doesn't change that much.
Thanks for your feedback. Figured a little modification might be needed. Luckly my pops knows how to weld.
I do like the way they look better then the current setup. You think they would make any difference in sound?
Couldn't tell you, never tried. It stands to reason that they'll give a little more noise. Most Subaru rumble happens in the downpipe. Put a fat one on your car, even with a restriction to use the rest of the stock exhaust and you'll get nice notes. Tune absolutely required for that one.

Keep that stock formed resonator in the middle. I've never talked to anyone who was happy with the drone resulting from a straight pipe in its place. Unless you're already committed to earplugs and a helmet for the track anyway.
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