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New to Subaru Community 09 XT

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How's it going fellow Subaru enthusiast. So as the subject title states I'm new to the World of Subaru. I'm a new owner of a 2009 Subaru OB XT. Its a 5spd manual and has 115k miles. The car is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition. With that being said I'd like to keep it that way. I want to do mods that would prolong the life of the turbo and engine. Not looking for a track car. Please forgive me if I sound nieve on here but like I said its my first subaru. Can you all share some recommended mods that would help with reliability and performance that wouldn't be an issue with emissions? I live in California.
Read about removing the Banjo bolt and tossing the filter. Things I've read about and possibly interested in is; oil/air separator, cat back exhaust, down pipe, up pipe, intercooler, waste gate, avcs oil line, digital boost solenoid, cold air intake. Which would you recommend doing or not doing and what manufactures for parts? Would like to avoid tuning if I could but if I had to who would you recommend? Want to do maybe a lift to add some beefier tires/rims and suspension...any recommendations?
Thank you
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Almost any exhaust will require a tune, only exception is the Cat free UP pipe to the turbo.

The Oil/Air separator will work well if you can plumb all the hoses right. Any oil that gets sucked into the PVC system dumps it right into the turbo intake and blows it right into the intercoolers vanes. GUMMY MESS. It also lowers the octain of the air/fuel mix.

Most cold air intakes will require a tune too and really does nothing at less that Stage 2.5 or 3 and above. It does make the car LOUDER inside the cabin.

A bigger intercooler will also require a tune due to a denser air and a lean condition. I am working on a air temperature switch/relay that will turn on a "SPAL" style fan above the intercooler to blow air down to remove heat soak. I have a 8 inch fan that fits on top of the intercooler but getting it vibration isolated and sealed is still in the works. It can not vibrate on the aluminum of the intercooler or it will wear a hole quick. I found this out on my 1994 Legacy Sport Wagon's turbo's TMIC. I also had a spray bar that sprayed cold water/alcohol on the top of the intercooler. A 3 gallon tank with 2 quarts of denatured Alcohol, a bag of ice or dry ice and a small water pump. I only used it on hot days when I need a hard boost. Dry Ice is very cold but also dangerous in an enclosed cabin or trunk of a sedan. It displaces oxygen with Carbon Dioxide.

These are my opinions based on a 1994 2.2 turbo with a lot of WRX and STI parts.
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Couldn't tell you, never tried. It stands to reason that they'll give a little more noise. Most Subaru rumble happens in the downpipe. Put a fat one on your car, even with a restriction to use the rest of the stock exhaust and you'll get nice notes. Tune absolutely required for that one.

Keep that stock formed resonator in the middle. I've never talked to anyone who was happy with the drone resulting from a straight pipe in its place. Unless you're already committed to earplugs and a helmet for the track anyway.
When I did the 3" down and cat back on my 94 Touring Wagon it did not have the center resonator and it was so bad at 60 MPH that everything just pulsated. I put a "Hooker" Airoflow 3" in and that helped A LOT.

I had a "Rob" tuned ECU along with all the hard mods.
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