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2000 subaru OBS limited 189k just replaced head gaskets timing belt water pump good to go for another 100k
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just bought a white 2000 subaru outback limited sedan 2.5 auto.

i have some fixing up to do but in the mean time....

i have been browsing around a bit, and im new to this site but ive been looking at performance/handling/suspension aftermarket parts. i know this is a super over posted thread buuut i am a little confused, when looking for parts on sites listed on some threads i dont see parts for "outback" do i have to look under legacy? or impreza?

im going to list what i have found out so far so you know i have done some research and am just checking to see if i am correct or not.

i have found some sites like helpful for header, downpipe and axel back. that i think will work for this car.

i am currently looking for a site for a cusco front strut bar and whiteline swaybar. also for a CAI

i have found some NGK plug wires, what do you guys suggest for spark plugs? coilpack? ignition? anything special there?

light weight crank pulley on

what would you guys suggest for a good all around (mostly road) but maybe some off road suspension?

i bought the car with A/C not working, is there an A/C delete kit? i am using this primarly as a winter vehicle but that doesnt mean i dont want to have some fun in the snow with it :D

as for non performance questions, i am curious if any if at all like WRX hoods will fit? or if i just have to buy a scoop and mount it that way?

along with the wrx spoiler?

i am looking for a good roof rack/basket, i have found a good bumper mounted guard for lights from Primitive Racing Performance Parts, i was thinking of mounting 4 extra on the roof to the front of a roof basket not to the car for added lighting in bad weather conditions (yes i know i can not actually use that many lights on the road but here in MN i dont think ill be pulled over as long as im using them in bad weather conditions and being smart when using them in general) so what like 3-4" round lights would you guys say has the best quality? PIAA? KC? ect.

well i think thats all for now, i apologize for the mega post but i figured i would make one big one instead of 10 small ones.

thanks for all your help!
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