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Subaru Outback 1996, 2.5L automatic
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Hi all,

I bought a 96 model automatic outback a few nights ago and was really enjoying it.
Over the weekend i noticed some things with the car and now I'm completely aware of what torque bind is, unfortunately I have this problem.

After reading on here about the circumference issue i bought two new tires because the guy i bought it off replaced two just before selling it, now all four are new and have the same circumference. However after reading more they should have the same tread pattern as well, so ill have to sort this out asap.

I will replace the ATF as well and see if this alleviates the problem at all, I have my fingers crossed it does.

The site also drew my attention to the trouble codes and i was able to connect the wires under the dash and read a code of 32, speed sensor 1. So whatever this may have to do with the torque bind is my next thing to figure out.

I've tried a fuse in the FWD and nothing happened, therefore from reading it may be the duty c solenoid? But this confuses me as to why that trouble code did not flash up.

Anyways thanks for all the help so far, this site has been great!

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