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2013 Limited w/EyeSight
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I can't make judgements on a car I've been driving for 5 months like I can with the ones I drove for years but it's great so far. We got one a year earlier for my mother in law. Her's has had nothing but balancing tires and oil change.

We found the car to be the only game in town if you want high traction conventional wagon or car that can replace SUV.

The many gen 1 - 4 Outbacks in my circle of mountain bike and ski associates seem good. My bro's 2004 has been good.

They don't have quite the polish or perfection of a Honda or Toyota but also have a better price.

You (OP) probably need to hone your web search skills. I found tremendous amounts of information on the car prior to my purchase and the crash ratings were just headlines in major newspapers.
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