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I am a potential Subaru buyer, I always do an extensive amount of research before making a large purchase :) I'm a bit nerdy. But it has come to a stand still, So I figured why not ask OB owners....

I have always driven Hondas, and I have never owned anything with AWD. I am looking into the OB for a few reasons. 1) I have 2 Siberian Huskies that I would love to be able to take to the snow and on camping trips, 2) Kids are coming into the picture in the next 2 years, 3) General life changes, tired of driving a coupe and not being able to accomplish simple tasks like buying mulch in large quantities, etc

After driving the OB, I admit I like it ALOT :29:. The ride is excellent and the room is incredible. I'm not sure how I feel about CVT because I have always driven manual transmission vehicles

In real world situations:

What are the advantages to CVT VS Manual?

How does the leather OR cloth hold up with pets?

How do the interior materials hold up to high levels of heat during the summer, and lowers temps in winter/fall?

Are the crash tests ratings available online? (haven't been able to find them)

Are repairs fairly decently priced?

I've heard that the advertised MPG isn't entirely accurate?

I am sure there is more I can not think of. I would like to say thank you in advance for any advice :D

CVT = Slightly better mileage, no shifting, smooth ride, probably not as many potential issues as old regular transmissions. I drive manuals, so I'm not entirely sure here otherwise, perhaps someone else can elaborate...

I've got cloth seats and dogs and they've held up really well so far!

Interior materials are always nice and as expected in my Outback during all the four seasons of Utah. Again, just my experience.

Crash test ratings....not sure, Subies are safe, lots of airbags, solid cars, lots of stories of owners here and on their own website detailing how they really like how the car helped them to survive an accident and live to post here again.

Repairs...mine's an '11, no repairs yet, but from what I've seen, most Subies are fairly easy to work on and repairs don't come close to those of Euro company cars.

MPG, I've always gotten much better than my window stick claims. Drive it well without mashing the pedal and whatnot, and you'll be amazed at how well these cars do with gas, specially on the open road, or sub (constant) 55MPH speeds (like driving around Yellowstone National Park; I got amazing mileage in my several days there and barely had to top off afterwards)

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you have other questions.
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