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What are the advantages to CVT VS Manual?
CVT = My wife can drive it too :)

How does the leather OR cloth hold up with pets?
I like the cloth with kids. They don't have sharp claws, so I'm not sure which would be best. Do your pets sit in the seats, or in the cargo area?

How do the interior materials hold up to high levels of heat during the summer, and lowers temps in winter/fall?
My car is too new to tell yet... but my 2005 has held up well, but developed a few squeaks and rattles.

Are the crash tests ratings available online? (haven't been able to find them)
Subaru Performs Strongly In Rigorous New IIHS Crash Test -- CHERRY HILL, N.J., Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Are repairs fairly decently priced?
I think it depends on your mechanic or dealer. I'd say the AWD will add to the long term repair/maintenance costs of any car.

I've heard that the advertised MPG isn't entirely accurate?
Again, I'm still in the early miles and won't comment. I expect to get 30mpg downhill in a tail wind, and more likely expect 28 hwy, 23 city.
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