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2002 Subaru Outback, 2.5 4 cyl
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Hey Guys and Gals,

I am a new member of this forum, just wanted to start my introduction post with who I am and what I have. I live in the Electric City, also know as the hollowed out shell of a city otherwise known as Schenectady, NY. I am originally from the lower Hudson Valley, but brought myself up here to pursue a job manufacturing orthotics and prosthetics for the disabled in the capital region. I like just about anything that moves. Heres a list of my vehicles:

2004 Chevy Cavalier 4DR 2.2L DOHC ecotec, 4 spd Auto
2004 Suzuki Savage 652cc one-lunger
1987 Suzuki Savage 652cc, not running, work in progress
1994 Honda Accord EX Wagon, 2.2L VTEC, 4 spd Auto (FOR SALE)
2002 Subaru Outback 2.5L SOHC, 4 spd Auto

The newest of the fleet is the Subie, just dropped off the deposit today, it will be registered and ready by this coming Tuesday. Here's some of the details of what I picked up:

191k, motor just got a new head gasket, seals and timing belt
very little rust on the frame. great body for its age/miles
Transmission shifts good and suspension is tight and what I would expect from a Subaru
Fully maintained by the previous owner, looks great inside and out

The high miles makes me weary, but I am on a limited budget and since the head gasket and timing belt were done (which Im told is a very common, very expensive problem on the 2.5). I decided to get it regardless, paid $3650 from a dealer, comes with a 6 month warranty on the drivetrain.

Some questions for you folks:

1. Did I overpay by much getting this car? Keep in mind I live in NY, so everything is more expensive here. I will post pics once I get the car. I know this is relative, but I chose to get it because the biggest jobs have already been done it. Brakes, oil, and front end components I can handle on my own. I would like to do a motor swap at some point, when I get a little more familiar with what I have.
2. I heard that people will pull the fuse for the AWD when it isn't necessary for better MPG. Is that a common thing to do?
3. Is there anything I should know as a high mileage Subaru owner? Like things to watch out for or problems I should anticipate? I plan on taking off what little rust there is on the frame and treating with undercoating. Is this worth my time/effort?

I'm looking forward to driving this car, it will be my first AWD vehicle. I have typically only bought GM cars, but I decided I should get something with better reliability.

My plan is to get it to 300k, which I know is possible with these cars given proper maintenance and not being a lazy car owner. I change oil no later than every 5k, noises get fixed before they get worse, and I will hold off on an expensive repair for when I have more money than doing a cob-job.

Thanks for reading guys. I'm looking forward to learning about these cars and recognizing their cult appeal.

I has wagons.
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1: Can't comment on your local price, but these cars aren't too har d to work on yourself. That's a bonus.
2: False. There is a fuse, but it can't effect MPG. Still have all the parts and weight to drag around. The FWD mode is meant to be a "limp it along" way to keep the car moving if the AWD system needs repair.
3: All 4 tires must match in wear and diameter. Anything over 1/4" in circumference difference will make the car try and equalize what it sees as wheel spin (this is common for most AWD and 4WD vehicles). Keep it serviced, and it'll hopefully treat you well.
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