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Dear Board,

I recently bought a 2011 Outback 2.5L/6spd for use primarily as a commuter vehicle, with the occasional drive from PA to NH thrown in. It's my first Subaru but it was bought with encouragement from an Outback owner from early 2000's.

I've only had the car for two weeks, but so far I really like what I see. The Outback replaced a 2004 Saturn ION and I am amazed at the interior size and volume on the Outback. I'm a big man and I drive about 30 miles each way back and forth to work. I wanted a vehicle with more comfort for my big self, and I have no complaints so far. I have a 4WD truck for when things get really snotty as far as road conditions go, but I'm glad to have something more fuel efficient to use.

Anyway I will try to search and find answers to my questions, but I'm sure I'll ask a few that will make some of you groan. Most of my questions will revolve around towing a small boat and/or carrying kayaks on the roof. I look forward to reading and learning and if anyone has anything to say about my vehicle regarding things I need to pay attention to I'm all ears.


Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :)
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