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1999 Legacy Outback 2.5L Rio Red
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Hi everyone. I don't own a Subaru yet, but I've been looking for one for the last year. It's not that I haven't found one yet, but just never ready to commit; it's always one thing or another. Anyway, I'm ready now.

I'm so excited. I can tell you all are passionate about these cars, which is great. I have a few that I've been "eyeing" in my area and I'm hoping you all can help me steer clear of any that might be a problem.

Here's my info:

I live in southern montana, so we don't see the serious snow found in the north or the west. We do see snow, ussually around 4-6 inches, which is why I want an AWD. I live about 3 miles up/out in the mountains. I have two small dogs and 1 grandson.

I was thinking the outback because I"m "off-road" but my last car was an 94 Acura Legend, so there goes that excuse. I was reading on another newbies thread that you guys like the handling of the legacy vs. the outback, so I am listening.

Oh, I should mention I am looking between the 1998 to 2005 (price-wise).


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