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Newbie from NC

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Whats up! My name is Paul or Heyitspaul00, from Winston Salem, NC. But up in New Jersey temporarily, doing some Disaster Work for Hurricane Sandy.
I'm new to the Subaru game but I've been tinkering and mod-ing my rides since I became legal to drive at 16.
I started with a 1996 Nissan Maxima and jumped to a 1985 Euro spec BMW 535i (RIP). Been in a 92' Supra, Had a 96' Explorer for my DD, and just recently got my hands on a 00 Outback limited wagon (gen 2? BH?), from a Family friend.

I've been looking at many of these cars and just thinking away on what I want to do to make it my own.
I've got some ideas but I'm sure I'll definitely need some Information and guidance along the way.
I Look forward to reading more on these builds and will do my darnedest to post/contribute something worth reading.

So Thats Me (in the Black) :sayinghi:,
Hello All!

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I has wagons.
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