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Hi all,

I just registered, and wanted to say a quick hello.

I don't own a Subie (yet), but am looking into possbily purchasing a 3rd gen OB in the near future.

I don't know a whole lot about these cars, so I'm doing my research.

A little about me... I'm into mountainbiking, kayaking, camping, so I want a vehicle that can support that. AWD is a big plus, as I hate digging out of the snow. After 10 years of driving a lifted Jeep, I'm not eager to break out the shovel anytime soon! I currently have a '97 Grand Cherokee, and a '00 Pontiac Firebird Formula.

I'm looking to replace the Jeep with possibly the OB. It runs great, but is getting long in the tooth. Also, the battle with rust is not a winning one. And the 16mpg doesn't help either.

Funny enough, the Firebird has been my bike carrier, as it's much better on gas than the Jeep. That car I'm most likely going to keep forever.

I don't do any offroading anymore, but drive about 350-400 miles a week, hence getting rid of the SUV for a more economical wagon. As much as I like the SUV, I don't NEED one anymore. The Subie woulnd't see more than snow and dirt roads, so the AWD should be plety capable. Plus I've seen the YouTube vids, these cars are pretty darn impressive!

Thanks in advance for answers to my probably endless questions!
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