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Have passed many a pleasant mile in the various Subarus owned by husband, all of his rigs have gone more than 200K before being passed to next owner, still running, not burning oil, and still providing reliable transport. He usually dings up the outside pretty good by utilizing rig for work.

We have a philosophy at our house about cars, that is, we don't usually buy new. My daily driver right now is an 88 Volvo wagon, runs great, has a straight body, and a few custom touches, 198K miles, owned by me for a year. Job requires road miles on rural roads, about 125 miles a day. Looking to update to about a 98-2002 Subaru wagon, probably automatic. Will keep 88 wagon for a town car or hobby.

(I've had newer, much newer cars, various makes, always good karma with cars. My favorite all time fave was a 1988 Nissan Stanza 4WD wagon. Recently traded a 2002 Ford Focus hatch for a 1998 Volvo S70 GLT. Gorgeous, not a good fit, will sell)

Looking at Legacy L wagons, they ride a little lower than the Outback, have less cladding, and the 2.2 engine. Husband is an expert on that engine by now. Some of the Legacy wagons have leather and sunroof. Were there other perks that go with that particular trim level?

Other than ground clearance and appearance, what are the major differences between a Legacy and an Outback? Is it the engine size? I saw on here somewhere a comment that the Legacy is easier on tires than an Outback.

Economical gas mileage an issue with me, not interested in power vs. economy. Love the luxury of the LLBean edition, don't want to pay the price at the pump for the 3.0 engine.

Bottom line, I want the heavy wagon size, will pay a little extra for the leather and sunroof if all else equal, and probably the 2.2 engine. Just wondering if the Outback has some inherent value above the Legacy, in the opinion of owners.

Three cars I'm looking at: 1999 Legacy L, leather, sunroof, 180xxx miles. 1999 Legacy, cloth, no sunroof, 140xxx miles. 1998 or 1999? Outback, cloth, no sunroof, 80xxx miles and quite a bit more money.

Thanks for your expert opinions.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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