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Please be patient, but I haven't run accross this in my searching.

Has anyone put together a summary (or detailed) list of the differences between the Outback and Legacy models?

For example, if you compare the Outback 2.5i Wagon and Legacy 2.5i Wagon -- the Ouback has what the Legacy has PLUS (or instead of)

- Limited slip differential
- 11.5 front discs
- Wider tires
- 6 spoke wheels
- power driver's seat
- Heated seats
- overhead console
- Auto-dimming Mirror/compass
- heated side mirrors/wiper de-icer
- Variable intermittent wiper
- Lower Body cladding
- Spash guards
- Roof rack cross bars
- 2-tone color schemes

We are beginning the process of trying to decide on a new car.

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The main difference is that ALL Outback models have raised, beefed up suspensions as well as underbody protection. It makes it easier to do light offroad duties as well as get around in bad weather.

skipatroller if you live in North Idaho I'd say that an Outback would be a far better choice for you as I would think you'd have bad winters up there. I live in Omaha, NE and we get it **** bad here! I and many others will help advise you as much as we can, what specifically do you want in your new vehicle? Tell me what you want and I can do all the info gathering for you if you'd like :D
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