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Been searching for the last year when I finally noticed it was a glitch and not a feature... hate the turn signal sound and was so pleased to not hear them as i drove off the lot.e .... BUT I also lost every other audible alert for the entire system . Seats, doors, lane correct, and the cross traffic back up tone and eyesight tones which is a huge bummer. I lost all those big ones 3 years after I purchased this and of course, I'm not wasting my extended warranty on garbage thats probably software related. Hopefully someone here has dealt with this... I cant seem to find anyone asking for help in this situation.

I'm tempted to buy a new cluster because my HOURS of researching the technicall manuals, its the cluster handling the tones with a little speaker. Id say the speaker is toast, but clearly there's more to this since some tones worked until they finally didn't.

This started probably about the same time all my parasitic battery drains did.

Anybody having similar issues? Now I'm even getting an airbag light all of the sudden. I have seen all sorts of issues with these newer devices in car, but this one leaves me scratching my head. The dealer is less than helpful and are even more clueless than I am. No codes, no reaction from hard draining the system with the battery unplugged overnight, cant see any problems in wires, only thing I have yet to do is pull the cluster BUT its 20 degrees our.
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