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2011 Outback 3.6R limited with navigation
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Greeting all,
I'm trying to figure out the cause of this issue. I own a 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R limited with nav/dual climate control and I had this issue for over 3 year but never bothered because it affect only passenger side, but now the new girlfriend sit there once in a while and its winter now so this became a top priority :p
So basically, everything work fine except heat for passenger side center vent, foot vent and defrost (defrost on the driver side half work OK and get plenty of heat). Weirdly enough the far right vent on the passenger side is the only vent on that side that does get heat. AC work fine both side, flow is fine for all mode and air get redirected correctly, heat is fine for all driver side vent. Cleaned the AC filter but it didn't help. There is plenty of thread regarding similar issue on older gen outback but not so for 4rth gen. Found this thread but OP never followed on the repair (can't post link yet):

Also this on legacy forum:

But can this really be a liquid line leak ? Would it really affect just one side ? I'm trying to pinpoint the exact part and location that would be responsible to send heat to the passenger side (actuator ? Blend door ? Which one??). Didn't tried to flush the heater core yet because it didn't help the guy which had the exact same issue in the thread I quoted (and I don't understand how it would help because I do get heat and nice flow, its just the passenger side that is an issue). It look like something might be stuck somewhere, like an actuator/door to direct hot air (different than flow direction), just need help figuring which part it is and the location.

Thank you all

Edit: I put the HVAC in self diagnostic mode, during the testing I could see both air mix door actuator (driver/passenger) moving, the mode door actuator (driver), the intake door actuator. So all those actuators seems to be moving normally during the diagnostic, so I'm back to square one.


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