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No power to antenna amplifier

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I am getting no am reception and poor Fm reception. I am not getting power too the antenna amplifier. Where does the power to the antenna amp come from. All fuses are good? Any help would be appreciated.
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I had the same thing happen on my '05. The wires break inside the rubber boot that carries them into the rear hatch. I spliced extra length by soldering and insulating with shrink tubing. As I recall, the wire forin the antenna amp is in the left boot.
If you replaced the radio, you lost the connection that powers the antenna preamp. Without preamp power, the radio is quite deaf. Some FM will sneak through, but not as well as it should, and AM doesn't get through at all. The preamp power is a wire on the connector behind the radio. It'll be easier to solve on that end because you'll have sources of power readily available. There may not be a handy source in the rear of the car, where the preamp hides.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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