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No Power to Windows or sunroofs

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Hello everyone,
I have a 2001 OB limited auto 2.5. I put in a remote starter into the car and acquired an issue in the process.This starter/alarm does not deal with the windows or roofs in any way.There was one single issue in the install, the starter side of the unit on the IGN 2 was dropping voltage completely at startup using it to start, the IGN 1 wire did not (after much frustration, then realizing this) I in turn switched them and I have no issues.
In buttoning things back up I noticed I have no power to all glass, I started this project yesterday, no issue, this morning no issue and after the resolve during midday I noticed this, all bus fuses were checked and are ok in both boxes, and the 30 amp fuse to the main box under the hood I checked with an ohm meter , its fine...theres no power to any of them (all doors seperatly and drivers door) , so my question is what component do they all share and where is this as the pdfs of the manual that I have are not specific to what Im looking for to resolve this, all other electronics are ok in the car and no fuses or issues surfaced other than that mentioned, if anyone can help Id be very appreciative....thanks.
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What pdf manual do you have?

The power windows and sunroof share a common supply that comes from SBF-6, 30 Amps, (engine compartment fuse box) to the Power Window Circuit Breaker then to the Power Window Relay. From the relay the power splits to go to the window and sunroof controllers.

The power window relay is energized only when the ignition key is at ON (Run) -- the energizing supply comes through fuse #18 (15 Amps) in the in-cabin fuse panel. This fuse also powers the Cruise Control, ABS, and the main radiator fan relay. Have you checked to see that these all work normally (no warning lights, and function, where it can be tested safely, is good)?

Also, does your car have the power seat? If so, it draws power through the same SBF-6 and the Power Window Circuit Breaker, but not the Power Window Relay. If the power seat works, then the SBF-6 and the Circuit Breaker must be good, and the problem has to be after the Breaker, which, as far as the windows and sunroof are concerned, leaves the Power Window Relay and associated circuits.

Let us know . . .
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Do the vanity lights (in the sun visor mirrors) work?
Does the room light (ceiling light) work?
Do the map lights work?

These are all powered through the same 6-pin connector as the sunroof. If these work, then it suggests that the connector is probably intact.

Have you checked for power to the sunroof control?
Not familiar with the dual sunroof set-up. The wiring diagram shows only one motor; I would imagine that it's for both roofs, and depends on linkages to open one or the other or both. If the motor works with one, then the linkage to the other could be bad.

I believe there's quite a few owners of Outbacks with the dual sun-roof here; hopefully they will be able to provide further help.
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