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No Power to Windows or sunroofs

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Hello everyone,
I have a 2001 OB limited auto 2.5. I put in a remote starter into the car and acquired an issue in the process.This starter/alarm does not deal with the windows or roofs in any way.There was one single issue in the install, the starter side of the unit on the IGN 2 was dropping voltage completely at startup using it to start, the IGN 1 wire did not (after much frustration, then realizing this) I in turn switched them and I have no issues.
In buttoning things back up I noticed I have no power to all glass, I started this project yesterday, no issue, this morning no issue and after the resolve during midday I noticed this, all bus fuses were checked and are ok in both boxes, and the 30 amp fuse to the main box under the hood I checked with an ohm meter , its fine...theres no power to any of them (all doors seperatly and drivers door) , so my question is what component do they all share and where is this as the pdfs of the manual that I have are not specific to what Im looking for to resolve this, all other electronics are ok in the car and no fuses or issues surfaced other than that mentioned, if anyone can help Id be very appreciative....thanks.
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I figured this out im sure while you were typing this im sure (cuz thats how it works)....I found the schematic for the sunroofs and tested from the fuse to the relay 1st then took it out and jumped the 2 points to send power to the glass, it worked to I went to trace the cirrcuit to the breaker as the relay was not the issue (I swapped it out), come to find out that after talking to my buddy at the dealer the **** breaker is on the bracket to the lower column....I didnt plug it back in at the point I realized the windows didnt work as i only noticed the shift lock control unit on this bracket and the breaker is odd looking so I didn't pay it much attention.
There are some things you should get some sleep for prior to trying as i had 4hrs of it before this and was annoyed (you would not know I used to work at the dealer if you saw me during this issue)...I thank you for your help and information much appreciated!
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