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no sound from speakers after new HU install

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2010 outback with Premium HK system
Wired up harness correctly, checked output from HU, by hooking up speaker directly to wires and HU does have output
Fed good output signal directly into the cars redio connector, and no sound to the speakers
I read that these systems have a remote amplifier, and i am very confident that the amp is not getting power. I checked the 12 volts from the HU output for power antenna and it has 12 volts to pin 9 of the cars connector

HAs anyone else had this issue?

Is there another power wire for the remote that needs to be added?
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Problem solved
There is a wire to toggle the power amp on when the radio is turned on and the wire is on the connector that the harness adapter was not connected to. The wire is Pink, and you need to hard wire this wire to the switched power for the accessories. The power antenna wire does not have enough current to turn the amp on.
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