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2002 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean Edition H6-3.0
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I recently had the cap on the fuel pump assembly 'repaired' by soldering the cracked locking tab (~30 days ago) for $500.

It worked and I was happy up until I got back from vacation in Hawaii. I was gone for 5 days, and needed to run an errand. I went to the store, stopped for fast food, then I was almost home and my car just died. It turns over, but won't even almost start, no sound from fuel pump when turning the key to position 2.

Managed to get my car off the road by pushing it, but because the symptoms were the same, I had a friend tow me to their house and purchased a new pump (not the assembly).

When we pulled it apart we could see the o-ring popped out a bit and the tab repair was holding. We put the o-ring back in place, put the new pump in, put it all back in, and now it's almost starting, but won't fully start. It will sound like it's about to start, then die. Or turn over, almost start (albeit slowly/shakily), and then die. We pulled the lines by the fuel filter under the hood and we can see spurts of gas when we prime the fuel pump, but no start.

We figure that somehow gas is not getting to the injectors or something. Would like to avoid buying a whole new assembly, but if I have to I will. I read some other threads that said these symptoms don't line up with the o-ring problem, so I would like some ideas. I can't really afford to bring it to the shop again and pay $500-$1000 right now, but need a car for work.

Please give me any ideas to try. Other things I have thought it could be, but haven't tried: disconnect battery for a bit (maybe computer issue?), crankshaft position sensor... Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!
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