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Non-chipped key - available?

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I'm curious if there is a non-chipped key that I can buy. And are locksmiths able to cut this key? I am aware that this key can't be used to drive. I was going to zip tie it under the car for those very few times that my wife or I accidentally lock the keys in the car. Hard to do with a remote keyfob, but it has been known to happen. Especially with kids.

Thanks for any info.
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I don't believe so. I think they can make the key to match the chip in your current key, so the car doesn't know any different. At least that's how I understand it.
Any ideas where? My last check for this came up with many places that could do this for certain brands but no one could clone a newer Subaru key. Being that the key can't be cloned means that the new key would have it's own ID which would require it to be registered in the car's ECU if you want it to start the car. Registering keys requires the Subie diagnostic tool which so far only the dealer has.
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