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Looking for an experienced person to lend some advice...

My high mileage 2007 outback could use some donor parts. I've found a 2005 forester with low mileage.

Both have 4eat, OBD2, 4.44 final drive gear ratio, and viscous coupling (MPT) center differential. Outback has sport shift, and forester does not....

So far, best I've found is discussion about differences in the new and old transmissions (gray vs. black connectors). The pics of the different valve bodies support the idea that the 2005+ 4eat has the newer design. The picture I'm referring to and lots of good info is in here:

Basically, if I had the parts to convert the non sport shift trans into one, I'd like to do so. Though, the odds of it being possible seem low....

Anyone have any advice?

Ps - I don't want to convert it to MT. Thx!
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