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Noob Intro 2018 Outback

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My wife and I purchased our 2nd ever new car. Went well. 2018 Outback Premium w/ H4, Eyesight, and Pwr lift gate. We are 63/62 yrs old. She is a home-maker and I am a mechanical design engineer. Car is the Metallic Ice Silver. Like the blueish tint.

I am surprised at how well the adaptive cruise works. What cruise should always have been.

I don't care for the simulated "gears" when shifter is in "D", but otherwise like the car.

We went in expecting to get the 3.6 Touring, but, after a cost / benefit discussion, opted for the Premium. I have a boosted Miata for when I want go-fast.

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My Father has a 15 Outback and I personally have not enjoyed the simulated shift points in the CVT either. I'm sure someone dose or we would have what a CVT used to be.
Love the simulated shift... also, from the get-to have used the paddle shifters on our previous Outback, and they're amazing -- the 2018 really flies through the hills, tap...tap...taptap. So rad!! Manual mode through hilly areas and curvy mountain roads rocks.
Congrats DNM.

My wife has a late model CRV that has CVT, so I've gotten used to it in her vehicle. So far, I really haven't noticed much difference in her car & our new Outback - as far as the CVT goes...
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