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I've only had my 2000 Legacy Outback for a few weeks but I'm wondering if my locks are broken.

I'm used to using my key to unlock the door and on my Toyota if I unlock the drivers door, return to the upright position, then move to the unlock position again, it unlock all the doors. It doesn't do that on my Outback. Should it?

I have a remote and it works as expected, press unlock once and just the driver's door. Press it a second time and all doors unlock.

So here'e the questions. Should the key thing work like my Toyota or not? If it's a typical feature to this year of Outback, has anyone added one? And finally, I don't carry the stock remote because it's big. Can anyone recommend a smaller aftermarket remote?

Thanks for your help.
I don't think my 2004 does that, either, but I know what you mean--my old Maxima did it. I don't ever use the key because unless I leave the car in valet mode it will trip the alarm unless I use the remote.

I believe the old remotes are no more if you try to order them and have been replaced with "teardrop style" remotes. I don't know if the footprint is actually any less, but I think the thinner shape is less annoying to carry around:

It programs fine to my 2004. Not sure about anything aftermarket. I haven't hunted around, but you might be able to get a key in the right keyway with a remote that will work built-in to the key. Lockmedic might be able to chime in a little bit there if he sees this.

I can definitely understand why you don't like carrying it around, though...I'm always trying to pare down my keys as much as possible since I'm stuck carrying a bunch of them for work.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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