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I am new to this forum, but am involved on others and have had a few Subarus. We started out way back with a Brighton wag. After that one came a '96(ish) Outback Sport. Then came a very dark time, when we left the Subaru family for a few years. After we were saved and saw the light, we came back to a 2004 FXT. As our life improved I picked up a 2000 RS coupe. I sold that and got an '02 WRX Wag. Recently sold that, and got a 2005 OBW in black for my wife. I am "demoted" to the FXT.

As the OBW is a daily driver for my wife the mod list is small. I have some six spoke RS wheels that will be going on it, and get it tinted. Possibly an exhaust, and plasti-dip the grill and that chrome trim on the rear hatch.

Sorry in advance for the long post, and any dumb questions that I may ask (that may be answered previously). I'll try to search as much as my short attention span allows, but will probably get bored and just ask.
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