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OB First Aid Kit

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I was getting gear ready for a trip and got wondering: what would be the perfect "Sh*t hits the fan" kit for my OB? Is it a common practice on this forum to carry first aid kits/road safety kits? What do you all bring along with you? Any recommendations for others who don't?

Should be fun to see what is out there.

A little overkill on my behalf, but weeding through the goodies to get a solid kit.

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interested to see what comes from this. I carry a basic first aid kit with me and bring it when I go hiking. Also have plenty of flares, reflective jacket, rubber gloves, tow straps with shackles, emergency blanket, normal blanket, hot and cold packs, extra set of clothes and towels, extra battery for my phone and a point and shot camera.

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When I go on a long trip I always bring basic tools which I consider: 6mm-21mm wrenches, comparable socket set, multiple screw drivers (kit), duct tape, teflon tape, motor oil, tow strap, manual winch, jumper cables, code reader, flash light, extra batteries and a Spot locator. As for first aid I carry a small kit with pain relievers and band aids but then I tailor it to the local that I'm going. If I know there are a lot of rattle snakes, I carry an anti-venom kit too. I've never needed all that... ever. But I've helped countless others.

Extra food an water are always a plus and should be included in the "first aid/emergency kit" idea. Because I'm in water rich Western WA, I carry a water filter pump as well.

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rubber gloves, tire gauge, 3 flares, triangle reflector, gaffer's tape, string, tow strap, small cheap first aid kit that gets replaced each year, tiedown straps, extra heavy duty lug wrench, half roll of TP, sharpie marker, extra oil filter & washer, taillight bulb, red plastic tape for instant taillight lens, a couple of contractor grade trash bags, pocket knife, wind-up flashlight, compass, whistle. I just got a mini 12v air compressor but I haven't decided if it is going to live in the car or the garage.

In winter I usually add a small snow shovel, truck-size brush & scraper, old set of snowpants, cheap fleece blanket and an emergency start battery as my car tends to spend weeks at a time in airport parking lots.

I like the disposable camera idea. I used to have one in an old car, gave it up when camera phones were exciting. But the more I think about it, the more I think I want film in my life again.

I should also include a paperback novel for entertainment's sake. Title suggestions anyone?

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Water filter has always been essential, I usually keep my jetboil handy as well (can't beat a hot coffee after a hike). Brunton has a foldable solar panel that is perfect for charging anything usb/or 12v related. I know they can get expensive, but a PLB (personal locator beacon) has always been part of it - did search and rescue and there were too many reported cases of people that didn't carry one. This can be the difference of 12-24 hour rescue and a 12-24 hour "recovery".

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In a canvas bag in the trunk:
basic first aid kit
road flares
duct and electrical tape
super glue
folding shovel
flashlight with batteries
zip ties
waterproof jacket
snow cables and scraper (in the winter)
ziplock bags
water bottle
para cord

Under the floor:
torque wrench w/ socket for lug nuts
basic tools (sockets, ratchet, screwdrivers, pliers)
towel and extra socks
kneeling pad
code reader
bungee cords and ratcheting straps
jumper cables
nitrite and mechanic gloves

Side nets:
microfiber towels
quick detailer spray (exterior and interior)

multi tool
baby wipes
Cliff bar

This is in the car pretty much every day. Stuff gets added depending on the trip.

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I find that a cell phone and a AAA card handle most emergencies.
True, at least for many drivers. I like to "be ready" with stuff, but I am particular about not giving up any interior cargo space to my year-round emergency supplies. The winter add-ons are bulkier and they ride in the cargo area, but everything else is sized and packed to fit in the tire tray & side pocket areas.

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I find that a cell phone and a AAA card handle most emergencies.
Unfortunately for me, if I have an emergency I'm usually outside the range of my cell phone, which means outside the range of AAA in most cases.

Also my skill with cars has been greater than any AAA person I've met yet. ;)

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Off the top of my head, I keep a variety stuff in my Outback (and previous vehicles) every day. Some of course is due to living in a cold winter climate region. Some are individual items while others are included in first aid kits and such.

- Reflective safety vest (the cheap thing you can throw over anything)
- emergency drinking water (I have some actual emergency 5 year packs but for a trip filling containers with water from home works fine)
- A few emergency food rations
- Flashlights
- insect bite cream
- antibiotic gel and wipes
- sunburn cream
- poison ivy/oak cream
- sunscreen packs
- aspirin
- Alternative pain relief (Aleve)
- XL pair of ski pants
- pair of fluffy warm boots
- funnel (in case of need to fill any fluids)
- flood light that plugs into cigarette lighter
- some of those snap light things
- reflective triangle emergency markers
- Batteries of various types
- 12,000 mAH portable battery for USB devices (if going on a long trip)
- ice scrapers / snow brushes
- winter gloves
- fleece hat
- work gloves
- rags
- sunglasses
- washer fluid
- bandaids
- gauze
- Extra pocket change
- blanket
- Emergency heat blankets (those reflective silver packs)
- hand warmer packs
- compass
- hand lotion
- burn cream
- rope
- spare bulb(s) (primarily headlight)
- Spare keyfob battery (because of the SAP keyless start)
- wire cutters
- a few screwdrivers
- measuring tape
- DC/AC converter
- mini air compressor
- A couple of survival knives
- something to cut seatbeats (in my case, one of the knives also has a special seatbelt slicing blade on the side)
- matches (preferably waterproof)
- small pack of kindling fire starters
- fuses
- applicable maps
- adjustable wrench
- ratcheting wrench with various sized sockets and 12" extension
- small fire extinguisher
- ratcheting socket driver with various bits
- fleece snow hood
- alcohol pads
- velcro straps
- super glue
- duct tape
- latex gloves
- misc other medical first aid supplies included in the kits
- emergency water treatment tablets

.. and probably more that I can't remember or forgot is in there.

Overkill? Probably, but I'm the type that would much rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I keep first aid kits (of varying sizes) in the glove box, center console, middle area (wherever there is room for one), and in the back storage compartment. I'd like to get one of those emergency water filtration devices but they aren't cheap for something I'd hopefully never need to use.

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kpk02, where the **** do you live, Antarctica? Do you seriously keep FOUR first-aid kits in the car? I'm all about being prepared but that is beyond overkill. When would you ever need four first-aid kits?

Hopefully you have engine oil and jumper cables thrown in there too; those you may actually use.
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