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When I decided to purchase the 19 OB Touring I built it out on the Subaru site and sent the dealership the build sheet so they could see if they had something in stock that matched.

They had a model that had everything except the Front & Rear Bumper Undercovers

They said they'd order them and when they arrive they would call me to bring my OB down and they'd install them

That happened and I got a call from the dealership telling me the parts weren't able to be installed because they arrived defective. They told me they'd reordered them already and when the new set arrived I could bring the OB down and get those replacements installed.

I just got back from the dealership and the replacements too weren't able to be installed.

They offered to let me pick $300 of other accessories and they'd install those instead or they would send me a check for $300.

I chose the second option.
I don't know if it was a mix up in parts ordering the wrong ones, or if it was a mechanic not understanding how to install them properly, or if the parts sent were actually defective... It's just odd to me that they would make accessories for a car and advertise that they fit but, in reality, they don't...

Oh least I can get the refunded money and buy a strut tower brace and 19mm rear sway bar
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