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Been lurking here for a while, I know this is my 2nd post and people here don't know me from Adam. Just thought I share what I did recently to me 2005 Outback non-turbo. I bought an OEM ignition coil off of Ebay from a surplus auto part seller. I was skeptical at first since I knew there are a lot of rip-offs on Ebay from repackaging, seconds, counterfeits and damaged parts. The price was tempting ($44.95 free shipping), seller had more than 10 for sell, good sell history of 14,000 transactions and been a member since 2002 so I took a chance and bought one. Works great but this one you will have to move the fastener from your old ones to new. The bolt holders are pressed into the coil so you have to un-press it out and press it into the new one.

1 New Ignition Coil Fits 2005 2008 Subaru Legacy Outback 2 5L UF539 22433AA50A | eBay

Moderator, I'm not the seller or work for the seller, all my IP addresses will show I'm base in Houston, TX and been a member here for 6 month. I'm not a spammer.
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