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OEM tires....My experience.

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Lots of folks hate the OEM Continentals. I now have 25k on mine. I just rotated them yesterday. They appear to have a little less than half their life left. I now rotate every 10k, (I originally did it every 5k) and they look nearly identical, all around. I measured circumferance, and all were within 1/8th"........Which is the limit of accuracy, when done with a tape measure.
Anyway, they all seem to still be in good balance. They have never been rebalanced. The car rides and handles smoothly, so no indication of a tire going egg shaped. All in all, they seem just fine. I expect to be shopping for new ones in another 20k, so I will most likely only need to rotate these one more time. Car was purchased new the end of last March. I leave for a 5k trip in less then 2 weeks. So, by the time a year rolls around, I should have 35k on the tires. I will check in and give my continued experience then.
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I put 57k miles on my OEM Conti Pro Contacts (car is a 2010 3.6R Limited), with no complaints. They still had some tread left, but winter was approaching and I wanted more than minimal tread for driving up to Tahoe.

I replaced them with the slightly-different ProContact ECOs, which have a higher treadwear rating. All in all they seem pretty similar. The ECO's seem slightly harder, which I don't mind at all. The dry-handling seems about the same, although I've read some reports that imply that the ECO's dry-handling is perhaps a tad worse than the non-ECO's. But the rubber compound used in the ECO's is very good in the rain - minimal degradation in handling and braking distances in going from dry to wet. They are a little quieter than the OEM tires were towards the end of their life (but they were never noisy, unlike some other people's experience).

So far I have 18K on the ECOs. I rotate every 10K, but the wear seems very uniform from front to back (maybe partly due to the 3.6R's 45/55 nominal torque split). I've never had to re-balance, either the OEM tires or the new ECOs. (Also never had steering/vibration issues, despite having an early 2010 model.)

I'm forgetting what other tires I considered getting - I didn't want to pay Goodyear or Michelin prices, but looked hard at a Yokohama tire (not the AVID ENVigor, but some other fairly new model), and also a BFG tire of some kind.
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