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I have about 1800 miles on the BFG Touring Tires very big difference regarding tire quality they hold balance - stiffer side walls have resulted in slightly sharper handling better cornering the treads are similar to the Continentals mileage has been dead on similar though I suspect these tires might have slightly lower rolling resistance another few thousand miles and a road trip or two will give me a better idea if mileage has increased some with these tires.
Have you tried those BFGs in snow or anything? I have a friend who has got them on his Forester and he says they're scary in snow even in comparison to the Continentals (I think the same ones that are stock on the new Outbacks) he had before. Apparently he managed to put a rock through the sidewall on the Contis when going up his driveway. Not sure if the BFGs are really bad or it's just the fact that he drives like an idiot though :rolleyes:. Looking at them, they look beefy enough to me to handle snow at least halfway decently.

I believe his Forester, an '05, came with some sort of Geolandars (not the A/T-S) stock...seems like that would be a better match for the Outback too.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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