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My experience (this is my third set of them, had the same exact tires on two previous VW products)

-Quiet (until about 25,000 miles it seems, then they get a bit louder)
-Extremely smooth
-Handled decent in the snow with AWD (FWD VW was a different story)
-No issues in the rain

-Require re-balancing about every 8,000 miles (same experience on my past ones as well) to maintain a smooth ride
-Require large amounts of weight to balance
-They pick up each and every small, little pebble or rock (I'd assume this affects the balance as well)
-They do get noisy after 25,000 or so miles

All in all, every single conti tire I've owned required LARGE amounts of weight to balance and they required continuous balancing. I never curb them and I simply cruise about 25,000 miles of highway per year yet they still never seem to hold a balance. I've never had this experience with any other Bridgestone or Michelin tire that I've owned - they've all balanced perfectly and have held balance for their entire life. I will be switching to a different tire next year, I will honestly miss the cushy, smooth ride (they really are so smooth) but hope that I can find one that will hold a balance. Not really worried about sporty handling either, so these were exceptional in that regard too :29:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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