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My experience hasn't been so great. My main complaints are that they have high level of road noise and poor absorption of bumps. I've tried changing the pressure but only found it to help marginally. Strangely, I found that the handle better on wet roads than dry. They aren't the worst OEM tires I've experienced by any stretch but I get frustrated by having mediocre tires after spending so much on a new vehicle.

I did initially think that they were at least okay.. until I put my winter tires on. I found the winter tires to have significantly better ride, noise, and handling characteristics than the OEM Continentals. That shouldn't happen. I also realize just how much more difficult it was to maintain a straight line with the OEM compared to the winter tires.

Whether I stick with the OEMs come spring or replace them will entirely depend on available funds.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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