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Off road in the Smokies?

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I'm headed up to the Smokey Mountains in April to hoon around and generally enjoy the area. I'll be driving up the Outback, and towing mine and a friend's motorcycle with me. Although I intend to stay on pavement on the bike (not any good off-road in any way) I know there have got to be some decent areas to enjoy in the Outback up there.

We're in a cabin a little ways south of Robinsville, and I've been up there 4 times. I have a general knowledge of the area, but have always stuck to paved roads.

So... anyone know of any good roads or routes? I'll be up with a group of mostly WRX and STI owners, so if you know any roads that are reasonable gravel or dirt for those cars, feel free to point them out, too.

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Off I-81. Just East of Lexington and Buena Vista, VA. North of Lynchburg. Hotels all around if you show up late or just don't want to sleep in the woods.

cole mountain virginia - Google Maps

Here's some good information:

Cole/Cold Mountain Virginia Trail Guide
Thanks! Don't know when I will be able to, but I'll have to check it out sometime.
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