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Outback onsight...
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Most subaru sites I've found never deal with serious off road action !
I want to hear your stories!
Myself I've broke trail in a foot and half of snow and digging myself out three times. Pulled a Ford Explorer out. Pulled a 80ft Douglas fir out of the road during a nasty storm when I was blocked in all sides by blowdown!

Let's hear it!:eek: Founder
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There are plenty of threads around here about this already, although not by name. Check out This Thread and just check around for any others.

Tokyo's between my toes
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Aww, you should point him to the off-highway fun thread!

I wouldn't say that I get into _serious_ offroading with my 98, but I certainly have enjoyed going many places that an ordinary car won't go.

Here in central Ohio, going offroad means poking through brush, and if you're serious, then you have scratched-up paint and maybe no mirrors. My car is still enough of a "city car" that I try not to scratch it up, but in the compromise spirit of Subaru, it is capable of moving in both worlds.

...dang, I want one of those nice Aussie bull bar bumpers, though...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts