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oil around inner tie rod boots

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i have a slow leak. i already posted my leak around my oil pan, seems like a very slowwwww drip.

but i believe there might be another.

i seems to have oil, gunk, maybe grease, and random crap all around my inner tie rod boots. on both sides. any cause or idea for this? I have attached some pictures.

I have 2 more questions,

1. what are the amounts of oil that the oil dipsticks show, ex: 4.5 qts at full, xxx at low.

last time i changed my oil i only got about 1.5 qts out, OUCH!

2. i've heard a clunk/tick ever since i bought the car, it has aftermarket axles, i know this is not the best route but i dont have money to get them replaced for subaru OEM or otherwise. I can physically hold each axle and move it in and out, is this the aftermarket fit, or do they all do this?

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Several of these pics look like grease from a ripped CV boot. Could even be leaking out the end of the boot from a weak band.

But the engine oil disappearing - that's bad, and it's not a small amount. You need to find that!

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what engine/vehicle are we talking about.

1.5 quarts of oil is really bad - that's an easy way to do some long term damage to the lower end bearings, you won't like the cost of engine replacement if you're holding off on axles.

keep an eye on the oil level and let us know how much it's using. this is your prime concern, the pictures look mostly benign and not a big deal to me.

hard to say but the wetness in the pictures could just be risidual grease from the previous axles which obviously were replaced - which means the boots were broke, so no surprise there is grease under there. it heats up, liquifies, and can coagulate in places.

the pictures do not show 3.5 quarts of oil loss...that usually looks significantly different.

Subaru's hold 4.5, 5, or 6 quarts depending what vehicle/year/engine you have. Your owners manual in the glove box should show it or would have it outlined.

The distance between the low dot and high dot on the dipstick is one quart. so when it gets to the lower dot - you've lost one quart.

axles are not structural elements where they connect to the transmission, they are loose and have some play. aftermarket axles can be more loose and even vibrate at an idle when the car is stopped, but not a big deal. they are not fixed and have some play.

if you ever entertain replacing the axles simply buy a used axle that's from Subaru (green DOJ) and reboot it, it's cheap and lasts the life of the vehicle. i pay $25 - $33 (most) for my axles and i buy a lot and then reboot for $70 or so Ive got Subaru OEM axles with so far a 100% success rate. That doesn't happen with aftermarket.

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its the 2.5 litre, 2nd gen, 04 outback. manual

I figure i'll do another oil change and see what its at. I just replaced the coolant, and went on a 300 mile trip to the ski mtn and back, and she didn't change a drop, so im stoked on that. it was leaking slowly somewhere before, I made sure i put the subaru additive in this time.

any correlation with coolant? The overflow tank had no signs of oil, and the old coolant looked shiny and good. the tank had alot of gunk, but after adding the coolant additive it looked similar.

i recently changed my PCV valve. the new one is extremely noisy, not sure if this would effect the oil or not. the old one would rattle, but very little. There is gunk down in the spot where the PCV threads into, not in the rubber hose, but the block side.

any ideas? where could it possibly leak? I posted another thread stating my drain pan has a screw that could be providing a slight leak, i'll get a new screw(if anyone knows the size) and put some new gasket in there.
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