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According to Valvoline's website, the VO-106 is the proper filter if you have the H4 2.5 (hint - fill out your profile, please!). However, this is a part number consolidated from the VO-113 once the latter's stock is depleted.
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It's not uncommon to see different can sizes, and it depends upon how much filter media is used. You can probably check out the VO-113 specs at their website to see if it matches the Castrol. And yes, of course the filter faces are going to match; that's a given. It's got to be right or it won't hold back oil pressure. But this alone doesn't necessarily guarantee that it meets the manufacturer's specs.

I'd say you've already done the best thing you could do here, which is to start doing this very routine maintenance yourself. There have been many stories posted here by members about quick change places messing things up, cross threading drain plugs, draining the wrong fluid, etc. Don't sweat whether or not you had one oil change interval without the best filter available being used; in the long run it's not going to make or break anything. People get hundreds of thousands of miles on their Subaru engines with ordinary maintenance, no tricks or mirrors involved, just keep the oil and filters serviced regularly.

And - welcome to the forum! Please do an introductory post here.
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