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Oil leak(s)

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I am the new owner of my 1st ever Subaru.. a 2001 OB Legacy - 4 cyl. I have a fair amount of oil underneath the motor. Not sure where all of it is coming from (i'ts NOT from a CV joint or the steering rack). It does look like I may have leakage coming out of the tranny where the left front axle leaves the housing. Seems there is some "slop" in it too, which may indicate a bad bearing. Does anyone know if that seal / bearing can be removed from the outside (obviously, axle would need removed 1st)?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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it seems you're describing a leak from the front differential. There is a seal there for the 'stub' axle. It's possible that the stub is not fully seated and perhaps has moved around enough to destroy the seal. There's also the possibility of much worse damage.

Be sure to keep enough diff fluid in the diff until the leak is repaired - major damage can occur if it gets low.

try a search using the terms ; stub diff
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