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Ok I was changing my plugs (annual ritual) and oil was at the top of boot #2. ****! After a closer look the spark plug was clean (no oil on it and it was burning normal). It is a leak where the spark plug tube and valve cover meet. You need to replace the seal between the spark plug tube and rocker/valve cover (it is a good idea to replace on the seals while you are at it and save yourself future aggravation). This is an easy repair and takes about 30 minutes - 45 min. if you are slow (real slow like working on it and eating). Here is the parts to do one side.

2000 Outback 2.5L M/T california model

Valve gasket 13294AA053 (1) - $19.99

Spark Plug Tube Seal 10966AA000 (2) - $5.78 ea. so $11.56

Valve Cover bolt washer/seals 13271AA071 (5) - $3.64 ea. so $18.20

Double check with the dealer to make sure these parts work for your Outback!!!

And smile because it is an easy fix and your engine is fine :D
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