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2012 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited, with custom-added always-on auxillary power for an inverter, 3x DC jacks, and a radio transciever.
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I think something may be wrong with the oil pressure sensor (or indicator) on my 2012 3.6R Limited, indicating "normal" pressure when I think there should be no oil pressure.

Intermittently I have noticed when I go to start the car (I think mostly in the mornings, but I'm not 100% sure) the "low pressure" warning light is off even before cranking the engine. Sometimes a start/stop cycle of the engine, or more often, starting, idling a moment, and stopping it will then light up normally with the "key on, engine stopped" like I would expect.

I think I may have found the wire leading to it (bright green, then leads over toward and above the filter, obstructed by the oil filter) but I can't get in around stuff well enough to follow it with the car parked on flat level ground. Since the issue seems to self-resolve after running the engine for a moment, I don't think I could get it up on ramps while its happening even if I had time to fiddle when it happens...and since its intermittent I don't think even leaving at a shop overnight for diagnostics would help.

Is there something I can look at with Torque/ActiveOBD-Subaru to determine if this is a sensor or dash-indicator issue -- where I could see if the ECU is getting a "low pressure" signal but the dash light is off?
Does anyone know if the dash indicator is LED or incandescent?

Even if I find a way to get at it myself, does anyone know if this is a job that requires draining the oil to avoid a big mess? And would the old sensor (original) be potentially seized into the block making it hard to remove?

I'm leaning toward asking my mechanic to just replace it at my next oil change on principle but I've also seen at least one thread mention that "aftermarket" ones don't play nicely with Subarus and fail often, not sure if that applies to all or just one model of engine.

Anyone have experience with this sort of issue in the 3.6R engines...or suggestions in general?
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