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1998 Outback wagon, 5 speed winter package
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hello everyone,
Have combed the threads looking for all the info I need to do a timing belt job. I've seen a lot of great info but need it reinterated to me all at once.

Who makes a great kit in your opinions?
is there a list parts I should use to check that I am getting everything I need before hand? If not, want to help me make one? I Need all the seals up front, but want to make sure I get them all in the first place.
Should I use the crank pully tool? Buy it? Build it? Any ways to not use it safely?
Where is a good source for torque specs?
Tips, hints, opinions, secrets ALL WELCOME.

I'm nev ous about digging in, but am pretty sure I can do it without issue, first I have to replace the head gasket, master cylinder, booster on my XJ and get that road worthy, so I have time.

Thanks in advance for putting up wi this question again I'm sure, but I do value your opinions.

1998 OBW 2.5 5 MT
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