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it appears a shop sheared off the bottom keeper bolt, 6mm, on the 1/2 circle casing for the driver side exhaust cam front. if anybody knows this bolt there is about 3 inches, see pic, between bolt hole and body frame.
to drill out the old bolt remant for either an extractor or rethread with a tap, there is no room to drill, even with a dremel right hand attachment
one idea is to drill something like a 1/2-3/4" hole thru the body panel to get access from the wheel well to drill in nice and straight and get a long punch to get a starter point to drill in the bolt dead center.
since this is a uni-body frame is the hole going to kill my structural integrity?
I feel confident I can patch the hole to protect against water, etc when done.

the other idea is to loosen or remove the engine mounts and rotate the engine clkwise from looking front to angle the line to bolt hole just enough to get the drill line needed? below the body frame, it would not take much rotation.

trying to avoid complete engine removal, drips quite a bit of oil


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