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Less than three months old and wham! My wife was at a red light and the seventeen-year old girl in the car behind her decided not to stop. After making sure she was okay, all I wanted to know was whether the girl was texting or talking on her cell phone. My wife was astonished and wanted to know how I knew a cell phone was involved. Right.

The plastic rear bumper wraps around the rear side panels. I guess I will need a new one. Plus the pit where the spare goes is dented in. That was all I could see on the surface. Let's see how much it will end up costing me.
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Glad she's safe. The phone bit is funny. Take your time signing off with the insurance company- back & neck injuries from a rear end hit can take weeks to show up, don't ask me how I know.

Good luck with the repair!
Should be around $3200 in damage. Had a similar collision in June, that's what my bill was. They even replaced the muffler because the tip was dented. I had no damage to the tailgate but they did have to re-align it as the brace the latch plate is on has to be replaced, or at least removed and reinstalled.

My shop missed transferring the rear support brackets for the load floor and the plug at the bottom of the spare tire post, they have since installed new parts for those. Mine took about 2 weeks for repair but the shop was backed up a little.

Glad to hear nobody was hurt.
Should be around $3200 in damage.

Glad to hear nobody was hurt.
It can be a bad idea to quote without seeing pictures. You never know what is underneath and all accidents are different. You could very well be right about the cost but different people see things different (and ironically read things of forums different too). :p

Still thanks for sharing! It's good to have an idea of price before walking into a body shop or at least a ballpark.

Let's see how much it will end up costing me.
It should not cost you anything, except the time of dropping off and picking up the car? Even lost resale value can be recouped from the insurance company (state law dependant).
18 Nov update.

The insurance company repair shop is highly rated and has placed the order for parts. (We will be getting a "free" rental car when it goes in the shop). The parts have been ordered from a local dealer (the same one we bought the Outback from). Initial estimate $1900. May be more when stuff comes off.

Still waiting.


Are they only pounding out the spare tire well?

That's what my spare tire well looked like, the white seam sealer at the top of the picture is supposed to be vertical, it's horizontal. They replaced that pan and the rear body panel on mine. Body labor for that books at 19 hours, that's where most of my $3200 came from. If yours looks anything close, I'm not sure I'd want anything other than panel replacement.
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