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We purchased our 2013 3.6R back in November 2015 as our snow/ice/dog-hauler vehicle to use as needed. It has done everything we have asked it to do and more, requiring nothing but routine maintenance from me. We have taken it from 25,500 miles at acquisition to 40,300 miles during our 2.5 years of ownership.

I just sold my daily driver for the past 9.5 years - my 2005 Jaguar S-Type sedan. While I will definitely miss it for the great highway cruiser that it is, our 3.6R can do so much more and provides me with more headroom and legroom as well (I am 6-foot-7). It will be interesting to see how our 3.6R does as my daily driver.
I too am around that height, the legroom was what got me interested in an OB (2014/2.5). It was best in class.
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