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03 Baja Yellow 5MT 235k miles & 09 Outback 2.5i Quartz Silver 5MT 105k miles
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Longtime Subaru owner here. Started with a 1993 Legacy Turbo automatic (rare) that I stumbled upon at a no-name used car lot. Sold that in 2002 when I bought a 2003 Silver WRX brand new, sight unseen.

My wife bought a 2003 Yellow Baja with the 5 speed manual brand new, sight unseen in 2002.

I drove the WRX until I had about 100k miles in it and sold it for a....*GASP*...MINIVAN! What a mistake. I had a toddler and another one on the way. I figured it was the right thing to do. WRONG. 2006 Buick Terraza CXL AWD. Basically a fully loaded Chevy Uplander with nice styling. What a POS. Had I not bought the best GM extended warranty money could buy I would be in the hole big time. In two years I had to have the Rear differential replaced, rear differential bushings, driveshaft, front control arm bushings, and four new tires. The prior owner had a warranty repair history about two pages long, small print. ALSO we were LUCKY if we averaged 18mpg in it.

I decided to quit while I was ahead and trade it in on a 2009 Certified Pre-Owned 2009 Outback 2.5i 5-speed manual in Quarts Silver, one month prior to the minivan's warranty expiring.

My wife is now happy again! SHe's wanted an Outback for YEARS now. I now drive the Baja, and I have some plans for that such as a lift kit and other minor stuff. Up to 217,000 mainly trouble free miles on that.

I love the Outback. Rides smooth, has enough power for most situations, and we get over 30mpg on the highway, no less than 26.5 in the city.

Looking forward to spending some time here on the outback forums!
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