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Outback 2017 review after 6500 km

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Hello all!

My first post and I want to share my experience with my Outback .

It is a base model - 6 speed manual transmission.

Confort and quietness
Handling: cornering and driving on sinuous roads is fun!:grin2:
Fuel economy: I average around 7,9 l/100
Gravel/unpaved/mud.... >:) looking for some snow now!!!!

Sound system and technology integration: are we in 2017?? or in 2007?
No auto door lock after a x km/h or when you accidentaly unlock the doors
No real led DRL
Manual transmission: I should have taken the automatic... :frown2:
Inside material is a bit cheaper than my 2009 vw. Material already show sign of wear at some places.

So... besides a few things, I am really happy with it !!


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At least you get a manual transmission. We only get auto with CVT.

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Yes you are right.... manual transmission with the 3.6 or a 2 liter turbo... would be wonderful!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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