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Outback 5 speed issues

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Hey Guys, My 1999 Outback 2.5 L 5 speed manual has an issue with the gearbox. Basically it no longer drives in any forward gears (reverse works). I am in the process of removing the old box to hopefully replace with a good 2nd hand unit. Does anyone know what gearboxs fit the outback? Would any ej25 gearbox fit (forester, outback, liberty)? Cheers
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Most 5 speeds will fit (leggy, fozzy, not sure on imprezza), you just need to confirm that the final drive ratio is the same as the rear you will probably need the vin from the donor vehicle to get that info as they can't look up trans codes on the system for the info you require, or get the box and diff out of the same car.
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