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If you have anything you would like for me to add to this list please PM me and I'll add it.
If you can find a place that sells Nokian tires for less, gives free shipping, and has better customer service than this place... well sorry bub but I don't think you can! ;) Its not just Nokian either, they have rock bottom prices on just about everything and one of the friendliest sales staff of ANY businessplaces you could ever deal with. Call 1-800-576-1009 and talk to Ryan :D

Karen Martin's Outback Reviews Our own member, Karen Martin, has gone out of her way to scour the internet to find any and every Outback review, resource, etc that you could possibly find. She has compiled a ridiculous amount of links to some great info, you'd be wise to check it out ;)

Subaru Global Hompage

Subaru of America

SubDriven Good enthusiast site with current Subaru news, gallery, general info.

Cars 101 Excellent site with extensive info on newer Subarus. Comprehensive info on older Subaru models, overall one of the best resources on the web. The website of a Hardcore, Dedicated Subaru nut! Has forums and tons of great info! Also has an AWESOME store with wheels, performance parts, and some of the best prices you'll find anywhere! Check it out, like many others you won't be dissapointed! :D

Cobb Tuning Cobb makes great performance parts specifically for Subarus. They are coming out with more Outback related part within the near future.

Scooby Mods A great site with tons of how to info on modding your Subaru.

Subaru Review Reviews for many performance parts for Subarus. Look here before you buys parts.

Scooby Tuner Similiar to Subaru Review only with more of a performance aspect.

Off-Road Subarus A great Australian site with guys who take the Outback to the Outback. Look here for some good Subaru offroad expertise! A multi-faceted Subaru Maintainence website. Very useful, the site has too much stuff there for me to make a good description of it :p so just check it out for yourself :D

Subaru Part Numbers

Subaru Installation Guide

Subaru Installation Library

OBD codes and what they mean

Miata Tire Size Calculator Probably one of the most useful car tool assests I've found ever. It accurately tells you the differences in speedometer change with different tires. That as well as letting you figure out what tire size will serve you best, especially if your getting different size wheels. Check it out, very useful!!! A more generalized Subaru forum although just as friendly and helpful as I would believe is. Certainly a great place to check out :D
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