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2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i. 100K miles. Here is a description of the problem.

There is a metal clanking noise when pushing on the accelerating in Drive. If you take your foot off the accelerating, the noise stops. It sounds like someone hitting two pieces of light metal together. It isn't a grinding sound and it isn't continuous sound but happens every second or so with a break between the noise. The volume level of the noise doesn't maintain the same volume as it changes.

It doesn't happen when driving in reverse and accelerating.

It doesn't happen when drifting downhill when the gear is in drive.

It doesn't happen when drifting downhill in neutral.

I "think" the parking brake might also engage at times when the car is shifting into Drive and starts to move forward. I am not sure. This is my daughters car and she described the problems to me.

I appreciate any comments! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
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