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2004 (my04) outback. R 3.0
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I am still in search of an outback, its so frustrating hearing all the lies from owners, makes it so hard for me to purchase a vehicle,

Anyway something really struck me today, i called up a private seller enquiring about his 2004 outback R 3.0, $15000, 152000kms, he told me he has listed the car for over 1year now and i am the second person that has called!? i was shocked, whats the deal with that? is it that hard to sell an outback R?

Never been in an accident,full service history e.t.c.

Also, the market value based on is 10,900-13000, people are listing their cars ridiculously high, should i make sure i always offer within the market value? even if i bargain the crap out of him i will never bring it down to 10,900.

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